The Journal Of Artist's Books: Books Received Now Online!

The Journal Of Artist’s Books: Books Received Now Online!

Over the Summer, I had the pleasure of interning for the Journal of Artist’s Books in Chicago. In addition to learning the mysteries of the offset printing process from my printing hero Brad Freeman (and getting to hang out with my other printing hero Cliffton Meador), I was offered the opportunity to be part of JAB’s new efforts to transfer its regular column “Books Received” to a digital format. Books Received, currently managed by Columbia College Interdisciplinary Arts MFA Claire Sammons, accepts submissions of a broad range of artist’s books bi-annually. Each submission is carefully reviewed by the Journal of Artist Books and receives commentary in the print edition. Recently, JAB has started to craft video reviews where viewers can be exposed to select pages from the books, as well as hear an audio recording of the review itself. This is a wonderful leap for documenting artist’s books in the digital age. I applaud JAB in its efforts and want to thank JAB for allowing me to be a part of the new material! You can view the new online edition of books received by pointing your browser at:


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