The New Illuminated Book

The New Illuminated Book

My previous post about the user interface of digital books got me thinking about the future of book aesthetics. One interesting aspect of digital books is the technology responsible for lighting them called E-Ink, which uses reflected light rather than emitted light to mimic how our eyes read text on paper. I began to wonder about the usage of diode lighting in artist’s books and found the following examples to share with the readers of BAB. Enjoy!

Literature Vs. Traffic An installation in Melbourne (previously installed in New York) by Spanish artist Luzinterruptus featuring 10,000 LED-lit unwanted texts donated by libraries. Photos from

Light Binders Artist’s Books features the works of Peter Mackey and Linda Lauro-Lazin whose powers of computer graphics and interactive media arts combine to form: Light Binders.

Airan Kang‘s LED bookshelves installation outfitted traditional books of inspiration to the artist with LED lights that changed intensity as well as color. Photos from

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